Do You Know Sex Toys For Men Are Not Just For Male Enjoyment They Are For Couples Too?

The first time you do anything is always the most exciting. Remember how you feel during your first kisses, first sexual encounters, the first time you fell in love, and all the other firsts that make your heart skip a beat. You probably feel excited when you tried sex toys for men and women for the first time too!

What is even more exciting is the first time you used sex toys for couples with your significant other. Imagine hiding away a sweet surprise for him or her such as a vibrator or penis ring for both of you to enjoy.

If You Think Sex Toys Are Something New, Think Again!

When you visit an adult shop today, they have their best sex toys on display that come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and sometimes even flavors too!

However, just because sex toys look so modern and trendy, it doesn’t mean your ancestors never used one! What are we getting at? Well, believe it or not, archeologists uncovered sex toys that date back to China’s first emperor, Qin Shihuangdi, who lived in 221 B.C.E. 

Many of the ancient sex toys were found in the same tomb holding the famed terracotta warriors, which justifies why some of the soldiers were sculpted with grins on their faces. 

Once electricity was invented, sex toys started to get high tech first time and doctors started to use the first vibrators to treat “hysteria” in female patients. 

A very interesting fact to learn is that the electric vibrator was invented over ten years before the electric iron or the electric vacuum cleaner, which goes without saying that people were more concerned about getting their rocks off and experiencing an orgasm than cleaning up. 

Would My Partner Accept A Sex Toy?

Many people don’t involve sex toys in the bedroom, because they are usually afraid of what their partner will think of the toy itself and of them. Nevertheless, you may be surprised by the reaction you get when you open a box of sex toys for men for your husband. 

If you know your partner well enough, it may be a good idea to ask them whether they are on board before you invest ina bunch of sex toys. Most of the time, the key to introducing sex toys into a relationship is finding ones that you can both enjoy together. 

After a difficult week at work, it may be what they need to turn their frown upside down. Everybody, even the most prudent of people, is very interested in what a cock ring looks like and what it can do, along with the workings of a small but very handy little vibrator. 

While you and your partner are getting to know your new sex toys, you instantly build up sexual arousal between the two of you! 

How Can Sex Toys Improve Your Relationship? 

It’s amazing how a reasonably priced, battery-operated bullet can give a woman her first clitoral orgasm, or maybe even the first orgasm she has ever had in her life! 

This may even be the first time that her partner sees her moan and groan in ways he/she has never seen her moan and groan before. 

A vibrating cock ring can provide a man with a stronger and better erection, which helps lovemaking to last longer than usual. Using sex toys as a couple not only feels good but helps to build a better bond between you and your partner along with a happier and better relationship. 

Are Sex Toys Just About Having Orgasms? 

Sex toys for men and women are not just for ultimate orgasms, but they are part of the deal. You will find that when you and your partner purchase more and more sexy gizmos they help you to improve your lovemaking and give both of you better, stronger orgasms every time.

Although you will also find you and your partner feeling excited about every new fancy shape and interesting colored gadget you introduce in the bedroom. You’ll want to try new things during foreplay and sex such as a bullet vibrator, butt plug to wear during intercourse, or maybe get a little kinky with some soft bondage toys. 

You may find that venturing out into the sex toy world can help both of you get over hurdles. For example, getting through a period where your partner is having performance issues because of certain medications he is taking, but the use of an erection ring has helped him get through it. Also, a G Spot vibrator can be very handy to help a woman achieve multiple orgasms and start to like sex more!

Which Sex Toys Should I Buy?

Sex toys don’t have to be something extraordinary to be enjoyed. Most of the time, the best couples’ sex gadgets are the ones that are very basic, especially when you are using sex toys for the first time. You and your partner should have a discussion on what excites you, and what is considered off-limits. 

Normally, a vibrator is a good couples’ sex toy for beginners. There are various couples’ vibrators and they come in different ways to use them. A couples’ vibrator is designed to give stimulation to both since it can give a male partner pleasure by delivering vibration to the scrotum, shaft, or head of the penis.  

When you go shopping for sex toys with the mindset that you want something with no frills, bells, and whistles, your sex toy experience in the bedroom will be more enjoyable and without any hitches. 

Sometimes when couples begin to use toys together, one of them can be intimidated if the toy is big and has a lot of buttons and functions. That’s why a bullet vibrator is an excellent way for couples to start experimenting with sex toys. 

You can also get on with foreplay by using massage oil to give each other a relaxing and sensual body rub to get your erogenous zones excited, and using a butt plug is another great beginner sex toy.